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I’m Lee Harris, owner of Get Bit Noodling and there is nothing in this world that excites me like grabbling.  One of my favorite things about this type of fishing is sharing it with new people. There is nothing like seeing someone try it for the first time.

Get Bit Noodling was founded in the fall of 2015.  We are North Carolina Noodling Guide service.  We fish in 4 different Piedmont area lakes, Lake Norman, Lake Gaston, Badin Lake and High Rock Lake.

All holes that we fish have been personally fished by me.  The holes are typically in 3-4 feet of water. I have found that this is the best depth for people new to the sport to catch fish.  You will be able to go under grab the fish and get your head above water before pulling the fish all the way out of the hole.

Noodling aka Grabblin or Hand Fishing is fun for the entire family. The youngest person I have ever had pull out a fish is 12.  I do not recommend it for kids much younger than that because their wrists are not strong enough to control the fish.

Our trips last 4 or 8 hours or until you are worn out… We will meet at the dock  at 8:30 unless a different time is agreed upon. We will be on a 20′ Sea Hunt Bay Boat. The boat has a Bimini top so you can get out of the sun if you want to.

If you have ever seen it on tv and thought, ‘man I would love to try that’, give me a call for an experience you will never forget.

Lee Harris ~ You’re Gonna Get Bit!


We will be noodling aka ‘hand fishing’ or ‘grabblin’ for two different types of Catfish

Flathead and Blue Cat.

catfish species

We provide noodling guide services on four different lakes in NC.

High Rock Lake

Badin Lake

Lake Norman

Lake Gaston

When choosing a lake to noodle, we will take weather conditions, water temperature, and Grablin Experience into consideration.

All in an effort to maximize our chances for catching lots of Big Catfish that day!

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